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X-Lite X803 Ultra Carbon

Nolangroup chose the 10th round of the Superbike World Championship to present speed lovers with another version of the new X-lite X-803 ULTRA CARBON racing helmet (with high carbon content)
 “Racing has always been in our blood, and this helmet has been developed by following the indications provided by our many riders taking part in the WorldSBK and MotoGP Championships”.

“I have previewed the new X-803 U.C. Official Superbike Helmet and I can assure you that this is a really excellent helmet!” claimed Chaz Davis. Marco Melandri added: “I have always raced with Nolangroup, but this new helmet has exceeded my expectations” (the X-803 model will be used in races by all of the #nolanriders from the 2018 championships onwards).

The X-803 model, and its more exclusive ULTRA CARBON version, will be available from the best Nolangroup retailers after the first of the year in the Superbike colors, as well as in many other variants.


The X 803 Ultra Carbon is X-Lite’s exclusive high-carbon content version of their new full-face racing helmet. Its reduced weight and compact size (thanks to the carbon-rich construction and the availability of three outer shell sizes), emergency cheek pad removal system (NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System),
reliable visor mechanism with a Double Action system, efficient RAF (Racing Air Flow) ventilation system and Carbon Fitting Racing Experience inner comfort padding (with an updated net construction) make the X-803 ULTRA CARBON the most exclusive full-face racing helmet for the demanding of motorcyclists.

This allows emergency teams to remove the cheek pads from the helmet while it
is still being worn by the motorcyclist by simply pulling the red tapes attached to
the front of the pads themselves.

Compared to its predecessor (the X-802RR model), the X-803 has been improved in terms of lateral visibility. Consequently, it is able to offer improved riding comfort and increased active safety.

Supplied with the PINLOCK fog-Resistant inner visor with silicone-sealed profile (FSB – Full Silicone Border). Thanks to the exclusive patented adjusting system adopted by the Nolangroup, the stretch of the Pinlock® inner visor can be adjusted, acting from the exterior of the visor, without the necessity for dismantling.

The internal padding in expanded foam for the cheek pads has been designed in
order to provide superior even pressure and consistent performance over time
compared to traditional padding. It can also be removed from its fabric coverings
in order to make washing easier.

Clearly inspired by rain masks used in racing, it is an efficient accessory as it
limits fogging.

The result of experience and testing in the wind tunnel and on track, it is made up of:
- indirect entry upper air intakes;
- direct entry front air intake;
- high flow rate chin guard intake with defogging function;
- front protection with integrated aerodynamic vent;
- side air extractors;
- rear extractor, integrated in an aerodynamic spoiler with adjustable
profile (ASD – Adjustable Stability Device).

Compared to its predecessor (the X-802RR model), the X-803 has been improved in terms of stability at high speeds, due in part to the complete revision of the rear
spoiler. The adjustable spoiler profile for the adaptation of the aerodynamics of the helmet according to various ride positions and driving styles has been confirmed.

Compared to its predecessor (the X-802RR model), the X-803 has improved
wearability in the chin area: the chin guard has been slightly elongated, to
offer increased levels of static and dynamic comfort. 

The liner, with an innovative net construction, assists the movement of
air around the upper part of the head which thus stays cool and dry. The
inner padding furthermore is made up of side cheek pads (left and right) and
lining straps which are all completely removable and washable.


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Width: 15.00
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Depth: 15.00

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