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X-802RR Cheek Pads  


The X-802RR has 3 different shell sizes so you can change cheek pad sizes in those between those shell sizes only.

XS-S helmets can only use the XS-S 45mm, XS-S 40mm, S 35mm - cheek pads

M-L helmets can only use the M-L 45mm, M 50mm, M-L 40mm, L 35mm - cheek pads

XL-XXL helmets can only use the XL-XXL 35mm, XL 40mm, XL-XXL 30mm, XXL 25mm - cheek pads


Here is a better detailed explanation to hopefully make it clearer.

XS-S   45mm fits the XS-S

XS-S   40mm fits the XS-S

S         35mm fits the Small helmet for a looser fit

M-L     45mm fits the M-L

M        50mm fits M-L for a tighter fit

M-L     40mm fits the M-L

L         35mm fits the L for a looser fit

XL-XXL 35mm fits the XL-XXL

XL       40mm fits the XL for a tighter fit

XL-XXL 30mm fits the XL-XXL for a looser fit

XXL     25mm fits XXL for a looser fit


It can be confusing - but the smaller the shell the thicker the cheek pad and the larger the shell the thinner the cheek pad


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Width: 10.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 4.00
SKU: 010INT-02-10-21 X802RR Cheek Pads S 35mm

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